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League Homepage

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NGL uses a system of content widgets to build your homepage. This provides you with a clean and extremely useful page that is flexible and dynamic. It also gives NGL the ability to easily add widgets in the future based, in large part, on user demand and ideas. In the future, this will also allow NGL members to build the exact type of homepage that they want – a totally custom league homepage with just the widgets that they want.

1 Changing Season or League View

When you sign in to NGL, your Home page will default to show details for your current season. Older seasons can always be accessed by selecting “Add/Change Season” from the Main Menu. If your league happens to have multiple current seasons, the Home page will open up to the last current season you accessed. If you happen to belong to more than one NGL league, you can link into all of your NGL leagues and then select which one to view the same way you do with seasons.

2 Season Overview

The Home page is meant to be the main page that members reference to get a quick and extensive overview of a particular season. For example, the Home page provides information on scores for your last event/round and for the upcoming one.

2.1 Next Scheduled Event

This widget gives you an overview of the next event, including address, phone number, tees being played, and more…

2.1.1 Directions

By clicking on the “Directions” link under the course contact information, you are taken to a MapQuest map giving you the exact location of the course.

2.1.2 Matches

All matches and pairings for the upcoming event are shown below the course information.

2.1.3 Weather

The forecast for the day for the course is displayed. Furthermore, you can click on the weather to get a more encompassing view of the weather over a period of time for that course.

2.2 Last Completed Event

This is shown immediately under the upcoming event and displays statistics on the last round played, including statistics on such things as total putts and greens in regulation. You can get a more detailed look at the round by clicking on “View Scorecard” which takes you to a hole-by-hole view of the round. There are two options you can select when viewing your scorecard:

2.2.1 Scorecard View

This view shows players’ scores for a round as they were entered into NGL (in other words, excluding handicap). The main number for each hole is the number of strokes taken and the superscripted number represents the number of putts recorded for the hole. At the end, you are given the course handicap and net score based on the total strokes less course handicap.

2.2.2 Net Score View

This view shows a player’s net score on each hole (in other words, including handicap). Underneath each net score in parentheses is the gross score for the hole less handicap. This view enables members to see how their course handicap was distributed over the round.

2.3 Select Event View

NGL also gives members the ability to change which previous round they are looking at on the Home page by clicking on the event in the Schedule widget on the same page.

2.4 Team Scoring View

Changing from one view to the other is possible at any time. You merely click on “Change Season Configuration” in Setup and change your selection and save your change.

2.4.1 Total Points

Total points awarded to each team based on how team scoring is configured for a round.

2.4.2 Wins/Losses

Total wins/losses from all pairings between teams.

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