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..I can honestly say netGolfLeague.com has all the boxes ticked..

Our league is new to netGolfLeague.com this year. From the trial period through to the official activation/purchase, setting up the league, etc. I've had a great experience. Navigating around the site has been a new challenge since I'm new to handicap programs. I've had many questions and the support I've received from Mike and netGolfLeague.com has been exceptional, always delivering an answer promptly and courteously.

When a customer is looking to buy a new product, they are obviously looking for value. True value is a combination of cost and quality. Apart from the quality of the product the customer is also looking for after sales support. I can honestly say netGolfLeague.com has all the boxes ticked. Outstanding!

Kim - Diamonds Golf League - Ray Twp, MI

Golf League From Ohio.

Being the first year using the site as an administrator it's great. Everyone loves it, I love it ... we'll definitively be using in the years to come! Have a good one! Gio

...the new website functionality and look is a success.

Just want to pass on that so far the new website functionality and look is a success. I'm basing this on the number of visits my league members are making to the site. Compared to last year it's a big change. Keep up the great work! Pedro

Hi- I love your program!

Hi- I love your program! I will be signing up soon for the premium. ... Thanks for the great software. Dave

Everyone is loving it.

This is the first year using a site like this for our golf league and everyone is loving it. ... Thanks for your help, Andrew

..stands above the rest.

My co-secretary and I have researched a few different online league sites and yours stands above the rest. Nice work.

Mike, I love the site.

Mike, I love the site. I never ran a golf league until this year. I did an extensive search on the Internet looking for a tool to help me manage the league. Trust me I left no stone unturned. I made the right decision when I decided to go with NetGolfLeague. It made my first year a success. Thank you! Pedro

Calgary Golf League

...Thanks guys this site is awesome, it's really helped spark interest in our league.

Golf League from Ohio

Our course has three nines. Hope you can handle. Thanks for your great program. Has saved me hours!!

Golf League from Wisconsin

Once again thanks for the great website and service!

Golf League from Ontario Canada

I reduced the size of my pictures and it worked beautifully. Thanks for all your help and I really love the website and would recommend it to anyone. You have been very patient and helpful. Darlene

Wachovia Golf League - job well done!

Dear Netgolfleague team, Allow me to take this opportunity to commend you for a job well done! Our initial intent upon signing up with Netgolfleague.com in 2005 was to simply take some of the painful monotony out of maintaining our own league website. With nearly 300 golfers in the league, things like getting scores in, computing handicaps, posting schedules, user maintenance, etc.. were all being painfully done via Front-page and back end programming on our part. Not only did your service alleviate our initial goals, but you also provided value by offering additional detailed reporting which we found useful. As for support, your immediate responses to our questions or issues insured we were giving our golfer the best service and web experience possible. While I know that there are several to thank for the job well done, I would like to extend a personal "Thank You" to Mike Ferry for his allowing me to provide input as to what tools, reporting and most importantly scoring options our league intended on using for the upcoming 2006 season. (which were not part of the initial configuration options) Seeing some of our suggestions/feedback take shape on the website proves that we are truly partners and that this interaction and customization will not only be of great benefit to our league, but future customers of Netgolfleague.com. As we enter into our 2nd year of partnership, I would be happy to answer questions or provide referrals to existing or prospective clients. Respectfully, Mike Bresler Wachovia Golf League President

Website Rules

Can't wait to get started, your website rules in comparison to your competition. Thanks, Todd


Dear netGolfLeague.com, THANK YOU SO MUCH for uploading our scorecards for our Golf League. We purchased the Premium edition and look forward to a Long Standing relationship!

The Software worked out great...

The software worked out great for our league last year and I plan on re-subscribing again this year. Thanks, Greg R. Saint Ambrose Men's Golf League Secretary

Our members think the site is awesome

... Our members think the site is awesome, thanks for a great system kev

Great Golf League website!

... Looks like a great website, and the support is phenomenal. ... Bill Z.

TGA Traveling Golf League

We have been using netGolfLeague.com for three years now. We are a traveling league that golf on a different course each Saturday. After the round, I can enter the results into the website in about 10 minutes. My league members love to see the results instantly on the website each week. I also love the easy way that I can send out an email to each golfer to let them know if we are rained out. Great site guys! Tim Lange Cleveland, OH

Golf League in Rochester NY

The RIT Golf League in Rochester NY really enjoyed using your site last season. We rotate through 4 different 9-hole courses. Once we had the schedule set up it was a breeze to use! No complicated formulas to apply. I could enter scores and have the handicaps quickly updated. Because I could compute the HC so quickly I was able to weekly put together individual scores with the person's HC for skins games. Very enjoyable. I am looking forward to learning how to use the other functions this year e.g. posting league pictures. Thanks -- Linda Siple Linda A. Siple, Ph.D.

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